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As rotating equipment consultants, we firmly support the right to choose solutions meeting real needs, not limited perspectives. Motivated by our hands-on approach, we delve into complexities, grasp mechanics of outcomes, and shift from replacement to proactive prevention.

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Rio-tintofmgcbh groupKomatsuRoy hilluglbma

Impartial And Independent

Harnessing our impartiality and independence, we seamlessly collaborate with your preferred provider, guaranteeing the ideal solution for your rotating equipment needs. Our expertise maximises performance.

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Failure analysis

Failure Analysis

We identify bearing failures by analysing equipment, collaborating with you and conducting a Condition Monitoring Data Review. Our concise reports prevent recurrence and reduce downtime.

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Bearing Training

Bearing training provides technical knowledge and practical skills necessary to install, operate and maintain bearings. Upskilling employees can lead to cost savings, improved performance and increased equipment lifespan.

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